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Contact Nathan by phone, text, Facetime, or WhatsApp using the phone number below. Sun-Sat: am to pm Eastern Time. Direct access to Nathan via phone, text, chat, and email for support on all exam preparation material ensures that you learn faster and more effectively. Our Level II exam preparation courses help you apply learned concepts to real-world, practical scenarios presented in an item set format.

Sorry, the Live Weekly Lectures 1 series is no longer available. Please sign up for the On-Demand Video Lectures series instead. Sorry, the Live Weekly Lectures 2 series is no longer available. Login Register. June Exam. Candidates have direct access to Nathan for questions related to the Level II program. It is highly recommended that candidates supplement the on-demand video lectures with the one-day intensive Item Sets Workshop or Item Sets Webinar.

January 13 - April Key Features Candidates learn in a structured classroom setting with live instructor interaction. Candidates have access to Nathan outside of the live lecture sessions for questions related to the Level II program. January 29 - May May 31 am - pm EDT. The video recording of this workshop will be made available on the following day for candidates globally who are unable to attend in person.

Answers to the questions are reviewed and in-depth explanations provided so that candidates understand how to differentiate the possible answers.

analyst forum cfa level 2

Candidates receive a formal answer key with explanations and associated Learning Outcome Statements LOSs at the end of the workshop. Candidates have access to Nathan for questions related to this workshop. It is highly recommended that candidates attend either the Live Weekly Lectures or the On-Demand Video Lectures prior to taking the Item Sets Workshop as the workshop builds on the concepts learned in these sessions. May 24 am - pm EDT.

The video recording of this webinar will be made available on the following day for candidates globally who are unable to attend in person. Candidates receive a formal answer key with explanations and associated Learning Outcome Statements LOSs at the end of the webinar. Candidates have access to Nathan for questions related to this webinar. It is highly recommended that candidates attend either the Live Weekly Lectures or the On-Demand Video Lectures prior to taking the Item Sets Webinar as the webinar builds on the concepts learned in these sessions.

Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ®): Time value of Money (TVM), Part 2

Free Video Lesson. Remember me.While the Level I exam focused on the basic knowledge and comprehension of tools and concepts of investment valuationLevel II is all about the application of these concepts. Level II goes more in-depth into investment management and portfolio concepts, and tests your ability to apply these concepts to real-life scenarios.

The Chartered Financial Analyst CFA professional designation is offered by the CFA Institute—a global association of investment professionals—to people who successfully complete and pass its exam. The exam is comprised of a set of three exams that become increasingly difficult and more complex from Level I to Level III. Each exam has a different set of concepts and questions the student must answer. The exams test students on their comprehension, knowledge, and analysis on a series of different topics like accounting, economicsethics, money management, and security analysis.

Exams are offered every June at different centers around the world. Candidates are required to meet a minimum score to pass each level. Those who don't pass are provided with information compared to others who didn't pass.

They are able to take the exam again. Candidates must meet a minimum score to pass each level, which are set annually by the institute. However, the questions are grouped into mini-cases called item sets. Each item set consists of a case statement followed by four or six multiple choice questions.

There are a total of 21 item sets—10 in the morning session and 11 in the afternoon session.

analyst forum cfa level 2

Candidates are required to use the information provided within each item set in the case statement to answer the questions. Anyone who wishes to complete the exam must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent education, and must have passed the CFA Level I exam.

Test takers must also have three years' worth of qualifying work experience prior to taking the exam. Candidates are given six hours to complete the exam.

The cost to enroll varies annually—as does the passing score—and depends on when they enroll. Exam results are usually provided to candidates within 60 days.

Candidates can find more information on the CFA website. For the Level I exam, the topic focus is on investment tools, with relatively less focus on asset valuation and portfolio management. For Level II, though, the topic focus shifts more toward asset classes, although the investment tools are still weighted rather high. In terms of learning, the Level II exam focuses on the application and analysis of concepts learned in Level I.

This section covers the code of ethics, professional standards and the global investment performance standards. Ethics is one section that is equally important in all of the three levels. The questions will be aimed at the application of the seven standards in professional situations. You can expect about one to two item sets from the quantitative section.To post a new topic or reply to a topic, please log in or register for a free user account.

General Forum To post a new topic or reply to a topic, please log in or register for a free user account. General Forum This forum contains topics and replies, and was last updated by bushi. Chiayee 1 study notes or curriculum? TaiK 2 How close are analystnotes session review exams? INGvysya 1 How real are analystnotes mock exams? COVID study time. My Eligibility for CFA. Passed level 2 10 years ago and going to resume. Anybody got CFA scholarship? What is the hardest topic in CFA level 2.

How much time is needed to prepare for CFA level 2. Started studying CFA level 1. Confused about type 1 and type 2 errors. How much to score in the mock to pass? Audio books for ethics. Plan of attach for Dec exam. How are your mock exam scores? Can a question come from multiple study sessions? I hate open ended questions. How close are analystnotes session review exams? How real are analystnotes mock exams? I love CFA. Do I have to go through all Ethics application of the standard?

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The CFA Level II exam includes a total of items 18 vignettes with 6 items each and 3 vignettes with 4 items each, for a total of 21 vignettes compared with multiple choice items on the CFA Level I exam.

On the CFA Level II and 3 exams, some topics are covered in the morning session only and other topics are covered in the afternoon session only. This same question construction applies to the multiple choices presented in item sets. The length of a vignette ranges from about 1 to 2.

The average length of the vignettes on the exam is about 1. Longer vignettes include several tables of information, such as for a financial statement analysis, statistics, or fixed-income item set. The multiple choice items in each item set can be answered based on the information in the vignette. You will need to read the vignette before answering the items, and you will need to refer to the vignette for information.

The multiple choice items can be answered independently of each other, but they do require information provided in the vignette. You can expect to see similar questions in terms of structure, format and level of difficulty, but do not expect to see the same questions repeated on future exams. You may mark up your exam book. Circle or underline important information in the vignette and write down your equations or logic.

Note, however, only your answers recorded on the answer sheets are graded. When a question is based on U.

CFA Level II

GAAP, it will be stated in the question. This experience is designed to mimic the actual exam-day. If you use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy. Privacy Settings. Save Settings. Since studying for the CFA Level II exam is self-paced, candidates will spend varying amounts of time preparing for the exam depending on how long they have until their exam date.Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Unanswered Groups.

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Can candidates get a deferral if they're ill on exam day? Mock Exams. Capital Budgeting. Flashcards - please? Hey all. When did you start studying for Level 1? Analystprep question bank for cfa level 3. Misrepresentation or communication with clients violation Code and standards. RaviVooda Intercorporate investments. Retaking L2- solo or class? Anyone having nightmares about exam results yet? LIFO and Cash flow.To be eligible for the level II exam, a candidate must have passed the level I exam.

It is offered every June at various test centers around the world.

What To Expect On The CFA Level II Exam

The language of instruction is English. The level I exam tests your understanding of the basic investment concepts. The level II takes it a notch higher and tests your ability to apply knowledge in real life scenarios.

You will be presented with practical quantitative and qualitative data concentrated around investment and portfolio management. The Level II exam has a total of 20 item set questions, equally split between the morning session and the afternoon session. Each item set consists of a case statement, also called a vignette, and six multiple choice questions.

Each item carries 3 points, making a total of points, which also corresponds to the number of minutes on the exam. The average length of a vignette is 1. However, you might encounter much longer vignettes, especially the ones that include tables or financial statements. The six multiple choice questions can only be answered based on the information outlined in the vignette.

Therefore, CFA level 2 candidates should focus a large proportion of their efforts on these three chapters. Most item sets include calculation-based questions as well as descriptive questions that focus on the concepts that candidates are assumed to understand after having read in details the curriculum. Make no mistake! As such, success calls for sacrifice and intensive preparation. Our level II question bank is designed to help you understand, retain, and master the curriculum, including the exam format.

With hundreds of distilled item sets prepared by our staff of CFA charterholders and instructors, you can be assured of effective and proven study material rich in exam tips and tricks.

Try out 10 free test item sets 60 CFA level 2 practice questions by registering a free account. In your dashboard, you will be able to see your progress, analyze your results using a customizable timeline, and identify your strongest and weakest chapters. There is no simple formula; the only way to pass the CFA level 2 exam is extensive practice. However, you can also greater your chances of passing the CFA level 2 exam by studying in a smart way and using all of the available tools to gain an edge over other candidates.

The content will be updated each year to reflect the changes in the curriculums. You guys are the best. But with the up-to-date study material, there is little to worry about. The Premium package is cheaper and the questions are well answered and explained. The question bank has a wide range of examinable questions extracted from across the whole syllabus. Thank you so much for helping me pass my first CFA papers. In addition, their customer service is excellent.

Their customer support answered all of my questions when I had problems with what was written in the curriculum. Very good learning tool. I contacted support a few times for technical questions and Michael was very helpful.

Trusted by Thousands of Candidates each year. Unlimited Quizzes. Our quiz mode gives you the opportunity to personalize your study session and allows you to control your own learning experience. Mock Exams.Just passed the level 1 exam. Should I get on it right now or is that overkill?

January is fine. And be looking to jump into the topic tests and mock exams 2 months before the exam date just to play it safe. I plan on starting it soon because with January comes hour work weeks and the phase extends till April end. So i think I will need to start as soon as I get the material basically!

I plan on starting soon. So grateful I made it to this round! Started in mid january this past year and was a Band 9 fail. Started in October, was able to work through all the material at a leisurely pace, finishing at the end of March, leaving April and May to do review, problems and practice exams. The more material you can get through before your competition starts Januarythe better your result will be.

I wish I had been jules Starting in January for L2 really does depend on you - if you are thinking that your study schedule will be equal to L1, you might be in for a surprise. I found that the L2 reading and EOCs took a lot longer than my L1 experience which automatically got me off on the wrong foot. But to get in the amount of practice questions and mocks that you need to do for L2, that beginning-to-mid-April deadline for starting your review needs to be etched in stone.

I passed L2 on first try but it was definitely at a breakneck speed by the end which I had ironically sworn I would avoid after having such a tough study schedule for L1.

I only spend 3 months for studying level II and I realize I made a terrible mistake. You always fool yourself that it is easier to study in a short amount of time and totally commit to it than spending a longer period while you can both study and enjoy your life. The thing is level II is difficult and you need enough time for your brain to memorize the material and familiarize with the concept. I am lucky to pass the level II on the first attempt but I can tell you that I am right on the edge of failing.

If I can go back in time, I would slap the younger me on my face and tell him to spend at least 6 month for the level II. I started at the end of January but wish I was able to start months earlier because it was overkill for me. Spent about hours. I work and have the family duties as well. I started studying for level 2 end of January first attempt pass.

analyst forum cfa level 2

Start in January and get your routine going. The best advise I can give to level 2 candidates is try get into a position where you are starting the topic tests around mid March. These tests are nothing like what you had in level 1 and will take some time to complete them.

I have faced this issue. I am a band 10 fail this year, and trust me it sucks. It is a much better option to do BBs,EOCs,Mocks for multiple times than waiting like me to wait for one more year to wave the pain off.

The pain is deep, and it really takes time to heal. My advice would be to start early, move slowly, and keep practising till you get everything.

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