Isis cut head

In Januarya copy of an ISIL penal code surfaced describing the penalties it enforces in areas under its control, including beheadings. The beheadings received wide coverage around the world and attracted international condemnation. According to Professor Ibrahim al-Marashi, ISIL is using beheadings of locals to intimidate people, including their own soldiers, into obeying the dictates of a weak state. Beheadings of Westerners are designed to strike back at the United Kingdom and the United States for military actions against ISIL that they have no other way of responding to.

The two men, who control the world's most advanced militaries, find themselves at the mercy of the sword. Both displayed physical pain and grief when they condemned the way their nationals died. It really sort of energizes them. Deputy Police Chief General Asadullah Ensafi reported that Taliban ambushes stopped reinforcements from the Afghan National Army and provincial police from reaching the area.

Afghan commandos inserted by helicopter were able to reinforce units already defending the area and the "immediate threat to district's center had been nullified. September 24, was a French citizen and mountaineering guide. On September 24, they carried through on threats to behead him after a hour deadline passed.

The video is similar to other ISIL beheading videos. After Gourdel delivers a statement, one of the militants reads a statement. In it he declares that this kidnapping and execution were in response to the order of ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani to attack citizens of countries participating in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State.

Kassig was named as the next victim to be beheaded in the video released by ISIL on October 3,that showed Alan Henning 's beheading. The White House later confirmed the person killed was Kassig. On November 17, French media reported that year-old French citizen Maxime Hauchard, who goes by the nom de guerre Abdallah Al-Faransi, was believed to be among the executioners in the beheading video. Hauchard lived in Normandy and converted to Islam at the age of On the new image, Salopek wore a beige jumpsuit looking like the one he had worn in a previous video.

A black flag used by IS and a knife were planted in the sand next to his severed body. Islamic State group's Egyptian affiliate, Sinai Province claimed the responsibility for the beheading.

The picture also contained an inset of two Egyptian newspaper reports, with one headline declaring Croatia's support of Egypt in its war against terrorism and extremism, and another saying Croatia reiterated its support for the Kurdistan region. Khaled al-Asaad was beheaded in Tadmur on August 18,aged 81, following non-compliance.

Al-Asaad was accused by ISIL of being an "apostate"; the group listed his alleged crimes, including representing Syria at "infidel conferences," serving as "the director of idolatry" in Palmyra, visiting Iran and communicating with a brother in the Syrian security services.

The Islamic State claimed foreign hostages captured and murdered by the group were subjected to numerous mock executions [88] until the procedure became normal, which, it has been suggested, was why many hostages appeared calm in execution videos published online by the group.

The Islamic State said the hostages were beheaded later. In a pre-dawn police raid on September 18,Australian law enforcement detained 15 individuals in Sydney and Brisbane who were allegedly plotting a "demonstration execution". The beheading did not occur, but the plot may have inspired the Sydney hostage crisis.

He was arrested before he could do so and convicted in President Barack Obama condemned the actions of the militants and Jihadi John in particular and vowed punishment for all the militants responsible behind the videotaped beheadings. The day after the video of the beheading of Steven Sotloff surfaced, Cameron told the House of Commons : "I am sure the whole House, and the whole country, will join with me in condemning the sickening and brutal murder of another American hostage, and share our shock and anger that it again appears to have been carried out by a British citizen.

All our thoughts are with the British hostage and his family. Their ordeal is unimaginable. If they think we will weaken in the face of their threats, they are wrong. It will have the opposite effect. We will be more forthright in the defence of the values, liberty under the rule of law, freedom, democracy that we hold dear.More Videos ISIS beheads American reporter Story highlights "He gave his life" to expose the suffering of the Syrian people, Foley's mother says CPJ estimates 20 journalists are missing in Syria The video also appears to show missing journalist Steven Sotloff James Foley was last seen in Syria on November 22, In the video posted Tuesday on YouTube, Foley is seen kneeling next to a man dressed in black.

Foley reads a message, presumably scripted by his captors, that his "real killer'' is America. I wish I could have the hope for freedom to see my family once again," he can be heard saying in the video. Who is James Foley? American journalist beheaded by ISIS If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We will provide more information when it is available. Obama was briefed about the video, and "he will continue to receive regular updates," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said.

ISIS has carried out executions, including beheadings, as part of its effort to establish an Islamic caliphate that stretches from Syria into Iraq. In many cases, ISIS -- which refers to itself as the Islamic State -- has videotaped the executions and posted them online. What to know about ISIS. Foley disappeared on November 22,in northwest Syrianear the border with Turkey. He was reportedly forced into a vehicle by gunmen; he was not heard from again. At the time of his disappearance, he was working for the U.

On Tuesday, Foley's mother, Diane, took to social media with an emotional statement to praise and mourn her son. He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people," she said in a post on the Free James Foley Facebook page. Like Jim, they are innocents.

They have no control over American government policy in Iraq, Syria or anywhere in the world. He was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person. Please respect our privacy in the days ahead as we mourn and cherish Jim.

The video of his killing also shows another U. The militant in the video, who speaks English with what sounds like a British accent, says the other American's life hangs in the balance, depending on what Obama does next.

The journalist is believed to be Steven Sotloff, who was kidnapped at the Syria-Turkey border in Sotloff is a contributor to Time and Foreign Policy magazines. Photos: Americans detained abroad. A North Korean court sentenced Kim to 10 years in prison for what it called acts of subversion and espionage.

North Korea watchers interpret the detainment of Americans and other foreign citizens as a collection of bargaining chips by the reclusive regime.ISIS has hit a new low of depravity with the Friday release of a video showing a boy sawing off the head of a Syrian soldier with a small knife.

The child, clad in camouflage, leans over the handcuffed prisoner and jerks the man's head back by his hair. Then the boy methodically cuts off the man's head. An older militant stands watch over the killing, according to Britain's The Independent.

ISIS beheading children and women (after stripping naked) -parallels Hindu Story

Meanwhile, in France, three young men appeared in a Paris court, charged with plotting an attack on a military base after receiving orders from ISIS, prosecutors said. The boy in the video, whose age was not known, looks at the camera with soulless eyes as he takes the man's severed head and places it on the corpse's back. The marauding militants have previously shown male children shooting to death prisoners, including a May massacre in which 25 boys were lined up to assassinate 25 prisoners.

In March, smiling children were seen escorting prisoners to their decapitations and handing over knives to executioners. Skip to content. The boy, whose age is not known, uses a small knife to cut off the head of a Syrian soldier, according to the latest video released by ISIS. Most Read.

The Yankees got exactly what they deserved. Alabama woman pleads guilty to murdering man accused of raping her. New Jersey man arrested for Queens murder in fight over teen girl. The terrorists call the boys the "cubs of the Caliphate.

isis cut head

Recommended on Daily News. Terrified woman calls for help after monstrous-looking crab invades her home.By Chris Perez. July 13, pm Updated July 14, am. Graphic video posted online this week purportedly shows a group of Iraqi soldiers giving ISIS fighters a taste of their own medicine — tossing them off a cliff and pumping their bodies full of bullets as soon as they hit the ground.

The footage shows the broad daylight executions of at least two Islamic State militants, one of whom tries desperately to get away from his captors.

Iraqi officials are reportedly investigating the disturbing, two-minute clip after it was posted on Twitter Wednesday by the local blog, Mosul Eye. The footage seemingly shows an ISIS fighter being held in a building and then dragged by soldiers to a cliff with a drop of at least 30ft.

After a brief struggle, he is tossed to the ground below — where the body of a dead jihadist is already waiting. The soldiers at the top then proceed to fire numerous rounds at the man, striking him several times and presumably killing him. It appears as if the other militant met the same fate. The video comes amid mounting witness reports of torture and executions in Mosul — committed by Iraqi soldiers — after they managed to re-capture the city from the Islamic State.

While several media outlets have been unable to verify the video, the Human Rights Watch group said Thursday it was authentic and had been filmed in the Old City, along with several other executions. An Iraqi interior ministry spokesman said Thursday that if the video is, in fact, authentic that those behind the killings would be brought to justice.

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Trump to ramp up campaign schedule next week. Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg endorses Joe Biden for president. Save up to 70 percent off furniture, bedding and more during Wayfair Clearance Sale. This portable protection pod may give you some peace of mind while traveling.From the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to conquer. Steven Knapp quotes Arab memoirs of literally rivers of blood and the number of men and women sold in Arab markets as slaves women as sex slaves.

But what is more important is not who did it, but what drives them to do it. That is the point lost in the struggle between Muslims and other communities. A Muslim child is raised with Koranic verses such as below from childhood and Prophet as the model. What does child assimilate when he was told the hate speech such as a Kafir is same as Urine, Feces, Semen, Dead Body, Blood, Dog, Pig, sweat of an animal who eats impure najis and alcoholic beverages.

This is recited as sacred verse. When people say that is a matter of interpretation, how much is there to interpret here and Mosques themselves are not making it a secret.

Just watch how an animal is slaughtered and how a Kafir is.

What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

There is a Hindu Kush Hindu slaughter mountains in now Afghanistan and Pakistan region where just on one day they headedHindus. But that is history and why we worry. Because it is repeating again and again and we live in our own world, rather not see to it. This is not to say there were no retaliations and in places like Calcutta Muslims were slaughtered after Hindus realized they could go to East Pakistan if they kept quiet.

The boys task is to marry, produce children and move on to another girl. InMosques blared in Kashmir asking Hindu men to leave after leaving behind Hindu women that resulted in half millions still living as refugees in their own country. Same with the middle aged Hindu woman by Muslim men in UP inserted a big rusted rod into her vagina and killed her. Durant notes how Ghazni could not find enough carts to carry the enormous wealth of just one Somanth temple after slaughtering 50, Hindu priests.

The estimate is Islam killed 80 million in Indian Sub continent and million worldwide. Those Muslims who do not perform the brutalities either become immune or indifferent because deep in their psyche, a Kafir is less than animal. Many are in a denial phase and have little courage to face the truth.

When Muslims pray in Mosque, with all men standing in rows and fiery sermons, it is nothing but a call for conquest. It is never ending cycle of brainwashing and violence. A brutal religion only can produce the brutes that are ISIS. While one is using its abilities to shield its people, the other is using every opportunity to use its people as shields.

Half of Muslims, women are forced to wear burkha and hijab so that she will not arouse passions for man while man can have four wives at least in Sunni sect. This is Islam for the world. But reading this stuff and putting our heads in the sand will not help. We all have to take personal responsibility to stop Islam hate preachings.Isis is Beheading Children is trending on Facebook.

Can someone please confirm this is true or not? There appear to be horrific photos on a catholic website and some mention on CNN as well.

New ISIS video purports to show child cutting off a prisoner’s head

That site has also published multiple photographs detailing the reported brutal executions of adult Iraqis:. The tribe was to be left alone, but reportedly its leaders chafed under IS control and its members staged an uprising, driving IS terrorists from at least two villages. The IS returned with a vengeance, capturing and executing anyone suspected of participating in the uprising. To the Islamic State, these men are traitors to their cause. As such, they were treated brutally. The series of images, released on Twitter, is now being shared with you, our readers, uncensored.

We are sharing these graphic images to raise worldwide awareness of what is happening in Iraq and Syria as these Muslim terrorists conduct genocide against all who refuse to submit to their will. Others maintain that such claims are largely fiction and are just more of the usual exaggerated atrocity stories typically circulated as propaganda during wars to sway public opinion against one side and in this case provide a prompt or justification for U.

For example, the picture of the decapitated girl shown above had been circulated two years earlier as an example of an atrocity committed by the Assad government in Syria when a helicopter gunship reportedly opened fire on unarmed civilians. Accounts of ISIS forces killing non-combatants, including children, have been put forth by multiple western news media outlets and human rights groups.

Human Rights Watch, for example, reported that:. Residents and local officials said the victims were Syrian Arabs who had been displaced from the countryside around the city of Aleppo.

Details of the killings on May 29 were difficult to obtain because many al-Taliliya residents were afraid to talk. They included four men roughly in their fifties, five or six women, and five or six children, he said.

The militants have summarily executed villagers and Iraqi soldiers alike, slaughtering a group of soldiers in Tikrit [in June ]. At least an additional people were killed, and wounded, during the same 17 days in Baghdad and areas in the south, many of them as a result of at least six separate vehicle-borne bombs.

OHCHR is cautioning that abductions continue to be reported in the northern provinces and Baghdad, some of which have resulted in killings.

ISIL beheading incidents

There is also evidence of summary executions continuing to take place, the UN office continued. ISIL has broadcast more than a dozen videos showing beheadings and shootings of hors combat soldiers and police officers, as well as apparent targeting of people based on their religion or ethnicity, including Shia and minority groups such as Turcomans, Shabak, Christians, and Yezidis.

One of which, at the al-Qalaa police station in Tal Afar, allegedly involving the killing of 31 detainees on 15 June, is still not fully verified.

UN human rights officers have, however, confirmed a reported summary execution by ISF personnel in Mosul. According to the account, personnel threw grenades into rooms filled with detainees in the Nineveh Operations Command, killing at least 10 and injuring another I have seen this on Facebook a couple times about an article that says Christians, including children, in Iraq are being beheaded by the ISIS.

The video clip showed an interview with Mark Aribo, who insists that even children of Christian families are being beheaded.

Is this true? Islamic State terrorists have happily photographed and shared an entire execution with the world, as is their custom.

isis cut head

In this case, the victims are fellow Sunnis, members of a tribe that cut a deal with the Islamic State only for the agreement to fall apart. Human Rights Watch has documented violence against ethnic and religious minorities, reporting that tens of thousands of families have already fled their communities near Mosul in fear for their lives.By Sara Malm for MailOnline.

ISIS has released a new video depicting the executions of six alleged 'spies' in the terrorist group's besieged 'stronghold' Falluhjah, in Iraq's Anbar Governate. The men are all accused of leaking information to the Iraqi government, which has been advancing on ISIS in the area in recent months.

One of the men, a hospital worker accused of leaking information on injured ISIS fighters is decapitated using explosive wire tied around his neck. The video shows him kneeling on the ground while ISIS terrorists tie a blue wire around his neck, evidently packed with explosives. Seconds later, the camera pans out to show the moment the bomb-rope is detonated, decapitating the man.

The video shows him kneeling on the ground while ISIS terrorists tie a blue explosive wire around his neck. Murder: Seconds later, the camera pans out to show the moment the bomb-rope is detonated, decapitating him. The men are seen kneeling next to each other wearing orange jumpsuits, before they are shot in the back of the head.

isis cut head

Two others, accused of similar 'apostate' crimes by the terrorist organisation are murdered in the same manner in front of the camera. ISIS accuse him of handing over 'Mujahideen names and places of residence', and execute him by cutting his head off with a knife before displaying his blooded remains.

ISIS is currently fighting an offensive by the Iraqi Army in Anbar Governate, backed up by Coalition airstrikes, with Fallujah being the terrorist group's last stronghold in the state.

Cold-blooded killers: Another two men accused of spying are shot and killed in the besieged city. The sixth victim is accused of handing over 'Mujahideen names and places of residence', and is executed in fron tof the camera by an ISIS fighter cutting his head off with a knife.

As of last month, Fallijah is fully besieged by Iraqi government forces, and the men seen being executed in the video are accused of helping the Army. The city, located 30miles west of Baghdad is almost completely cut off from the rest of ISIS's self-proclaimed 'caliphate'. Some three weeks ago, the Iraqi Government reported that ISIS fighters had fled Fallujah, with just an estimated terrorists remaining in the city itself.

The new video appears to be a desperate attempt to show that they still hold power in the city, with ISIS's propaganda machinery writing that it should serve as 'a message to the apostates and their masters that blood for blood and destruction for destruction'.

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