Superscript in excel

This article focuses on how to format the all characters in a cell or part of a cell as superscript. If we need to format characters as superscripts, we should open the Format Cells dialog box:.

If the selected cell contains a formula, you can only format the whole cell content as superscript, but not part of numbers or characters. See screenshot Fig. Step 2 : select one character, and check the Superscript option, see screenshot Fig.

Step 3 : if you need to format other characters as superscripts, redo the Step 2. At the end click OK button to save settings. This tool will format characters as superscripts in one cell one by one. And you can format many characters in selected cell without closing the dialog box.

Superscript and Subscript

In addition, you can also apply other format style: bold, italic, upper case, font size, and color, etc. If the selected cell only contains a value, you will be requested to convert value to text; otherwise, you can't format the numbers or characters in the active cell as superscript. Kutools for Excel includes more than 80 handy Excel tools. Free to try with no limitation in 30 days.

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superscript in excel

Password Reset. Please enter the email address for your account. A verification code will be sent to you. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account. Please enter the email address associated with your User account. Your username will be emailed to the email address on file. Read More Free Download You are guest Login Now. Loading comment The comment will be refreshed after Superscript in excel is used to put the number or text in small fonts above the base numbers and text.

It is like we are giving power raised to any base number as we do in mathematics. It is like using superscript to write the text in the square of base units or text such as Feet2, Meter2, etc. Likewise, we can superscript numbers as well such as or Superscript is not a function in excel. It is mainly made for MS Work which deals with text. To activate this, go to edit mode of any cell and select Format Cells from the right-click menu. And from there we can tick Superscript from Fonts tab.

Start Your Free Excel Course. It is very easy to input superscript text in Excel, follow these simple steps. Input X2 in any of the cell where you required the superscript. Now select number 2 alone by clicking F2 and select 2 or double click on the cell and select 2 alone. Once you select the number 2, right click on the mouse a pop up will come as shown in the below picture.

This superscript and subscript feature helpful while working with Mathematically or scientifically related data. Now we can observe the QCT there is an additional option visible that is x 2 marked in the picture. Now it is easy to input superscript just select the letter or text you want to convert as superscript and click on the X 2 option in the Quick access toolbar. If you want to remove superscript, just reselect the X 2 command then it will be converted to normal text again.

Whatever the process we discussed up to now will not work for numbers i. The movement you move from the cell it will convert to normal numbers. Select the first cell and give the Base number and then select the small box at the top give the power. Select the range of numbers which you want to give a similar superscript number.

If we want to input superscript text by a keyboard shortcut then it is very easy. Input the required text in the excel cell and select which you want to convert as superscript and then press ALT button from the keyboard. The superscript option on the Quick Access toolbar will highlight with a number as shown below:. Observe that number and click that number on the keyboard. Here it is 5 marked in the above picture for reference.

Use the special process for numbers alone as discussed above. When an input for the number it will not give any results, it is just for representation purpose.

Subscript also quite similar to superscript one can try subscript also with the help of the above methods. This has been a guide to a Superscript in Excel. Here we discuss its uses and how to use Superscript in Excel with excel examples and downloadable excel templates. Your email address will not be published.

Forgot Password? Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Superscript in Excel. Popular Course in this category. Course Price View Course. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Free Excel Course. By continuing above step, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Login details for this Free course will be emailed to you.A superscript is text formatting set above the normal baseline as pictured above on the left and is most frequently used in mathematical equations and chemical formulas.

A subscript is text formatting set below the normal text baseline as pictured above on the right and is also often used in mathematical equations and chemical formulas. The only way to create these text effects in Excel outside of the mathematical equations tools, is through the Format Cells dialog box.

Superscripts in Custom Formats

The formatting will not display in the formula tab below your Ribbon as pictured below. As you can see, there are a variety of different ways to create subscripts and superscripts in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The font dialog box gives you both the most options and allows you to use your Alt shortcut keys to fast-track the process. We help busy office workers save hours and gain peace of mind, with tips, training and tutorials for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

All of which are covered in detail for each program below, so you can choose which technique works best for you.

superscript in excel

What is a Superscript? What is a Subscript? A mathematical example is the variable: a n A chemical example is the chemical formula for water: H 2 O. This shortcut works in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to quickly create or remove subscripts. This shortcut works in Word and PowerPoint to quickly create or remove superscripts on the fly.

To superscript in Excel with shortcuts, you need to use a combination of keyboard shortcuts:. How to Superscript and Subscript in Word Besides the two keyboard shortcuts mentioned above, there are 2 additional ways to do this in Microsoft Word. The superscript command is also the secret for how to type exponents in Word, as you will see below. Use the Ribbon commands in Word:.

superscript in excel

Use the Font dialog box in Word:. Instead of using the keyboard shortcut to open the Font Dialog box, you can always open it by clicking the diagonal facing arrow in the Font Group on your Ribbon as pictured above.

To remove a superscript or subscript in Word, simply select the text and re-apply the effect. How to Superscript and Subscript in Excel The only way to create these text effects in Excel outside of the mathematical equations tools, is through the Format Cells dialog box. Using the Format Cells dialog box in Excel.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a line chart in Excel that is created from data in the worksheet. It has several series whose titles are displayed in the chart on the right side. The names of the series are of the form XXXyyywhere yyy should be rendered in superscript.

If can only copy-paste following characters including letters in superscript and subscript. Do it in your Excel file. Consolidated for cut-and-pasting purposes, the Unicode standard defines complete sub- and super-scripts for:.

Note that since these glyphs come from different ranges, they may not be of the same size and position, depending on the typeface. You could cheat by using a picture of worksheet cells that have your superscript formatting. In the graphic below, the picture of the worksheet cells is outlined in red, and is pasted over the legend outlined in blue. Go to insert-symbol-under subset, select subscript and superscript. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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How to write H2O and X2 in Excel? #subscript or #superscript in Excel- PART-2

Asked 8 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Viewed 84k times. How do I achieve this superscript display of the series titles on the chart? Ashwin Nanjappa Ashwin Nanjappa 8, 25 25 gold badges 66 66 silver badges bronze badges. I could not find a way to do this, I don't think is possible Active Oldest Votes.

How to Insert Subscript and Superscript in Excel – Excelchat

I have 2 ways: 1. You can use another character font. Some fonts are designed for math, so: 2. Open your excel file, select cells containing legend text and change font to one of these 2. Double click on graph, select the legend and change font to the chosen one 2. Sorry, but my superscript is not limited to these 3 numerals. Any solution for superscript text alphabet characters?

Ramhound But I think you're correct that the legend itself can't show superscripts. Fdart Fdart 1, 11 11 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Roza Assurin Roza Assurin 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.In this article I will explain how you can use VBA to change the font style in a cell or range to superscript.

You can download the file and code related to this article here. Jump To:. The code below changes the font in cell A1 to superscript :. Range "A1". The following line of code removes the superscript from the font in cell A The following line of code prints the current superscript status of the font in cell A1 in cell B In this example there is some text written in row 1. There are also drop down lists in row 2 with the values Yes and No.

When the user changes the value of a drop down list in row 2 to True, the font style in row 1 will be changed to superscript. When the user changes the value of the drop down list back to No, the superscript font in row 1 will be changed back to normal:. The code below iterates through the cells in row End Sub.

The code below changes the font property of the cell in row 1 to superscript:. Range Cells 1, iCells 1, i. The code below removes the superscript font style from the font in cell D The drop down lists are created using data validation.

The source for the data validation can be found in sheet In this example when the user presses the Run button, the program will loop through the cells in row 1. If the font in the cell has the superscript style the cell in row 2 will be colored green:.

The code below loops through the cells in row Next i. The If statement checks if the cell in row 1 has the superscript effect or not:. If Range Cells 1, iCells 1, i. The line below changes the fill color of the cell in row 2 to green.Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Excel versions: 97, and If you are using a later version Excel or laterthis tip may not work for you.

For a version of this tip written specifically for later versions of Excel, click here: Superscripts in Custom Formats. When working in Excel, you can easily format text so that it contains superscripts, subscripts, or whatever other formatting tricks you want. You use the Cells option on the Format menu to make these font modifications. This menu option is not available when you are defining custom formats, however. What if you want to place a superscript in your custom formats?

The answer is to use some of the special font characters available to Windows users. Using these characters you can easily insert superscripted numbers, as long as they are the numbers 0, 1, 2, or 3. Simply use the following shortcuts, where you hold down the Alt key as you type the numbers on the numeric keypad:.

These shortcuts work if you are using the Arial font in your worksheet, which is the default. If you are using some other font, the character codes to create the superscripted numbers may be different. In that case, you will need to use the Windows Character Map accessory to figure out what shortcut keys to use to get the results you want. It may differ on your version of Windows.

You may also need to install the Character Map using Windows Setup program if you cannot find it on your system. When using the Character Map, you can select a symbol and see in the lower-right corner of the program window what the numeric keypad shortcut key is for the character. ExcelTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training.

This tip applies to Microsoft Excel 97, and You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of Excel Excel and later here: Superscripts in Custom Formats. With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author. He is president of Sharon Parq Associatesa computer and publishing services company. Learn more about Allen Got a single worksheet that you want to e-mail to someone, but don't want them to see the rest of the worksheets in the Documents rely on templates.

If you change the location of those templates on purpose or by accidentWord can take a If you have a lot of data stored in Access databases, you may want to get at that information using Excel.Microsoft Word is a text processor while Excel is a spreadsheet softwarewhich mostly deals with data and numbers.

However, there are ways you can apply these formats in Excel. Got a different version? No problem, you can still follow the exact same steps. By definition, superscript or subscript is a characterwhich can be a number, letter, or symbol, placed above or below the type line. Superscripts appear above the normal line of type. Subscripts are placed below the baseline.

However, applying either superscript or subscript in Excel is different. To apply a superscript using shortcut keys, simply press the following key combinations:. To apply a subscript using shortcut keys, simply press the following key combinations:. On this window, find the superscript and subscript icons.

superscript in excel

Unlike the keys we showed you earlier, these keys are straight to the point. You can now apply the formats straight from your Excel Ribbon. To remove superscript and subscript from the Ribbon, reverse the steps you took i. Applying superscript or subscript to a number value is a bit tricky. If you like to apply either format on a number value inside a string with at least 1 letteryou can apply the steps defined in the earlier sections i.

But if you need to apply either format to a string with no letter on it, a pure numerical stringfollow the steps below. The result of this method is your value in a text box. The formula for the superscript numbers are similar to the codes above:.

This method is useful whenever you need to separate or preserve the base or original numbers. But sometimes, all we need is a quick, one-time use. If this is the case, simply copy-pasting will do the trick. Kasper LangmannCo-founder of Spreadsheeto. Table of Content. Chapter 2: Grab your free exercise file here! Chapter Wrapping things up…. Before you start: Throughout this guide, you need a data set to practice.

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