Table loom parts

The Ashford Knitters Loom stand is both sturdy and comfortable so you can sit and weave anywhere, no table required. The angle of the Ashford Knitters loommounted on this stand, is adjustable for comfortable weaving positions for all weavers, short or tall.

These sec ond heddle blocks for the Ashford Knitters Loom will allow you to use two reeds of the same dent size at the same time.

Your will be able to weave either double wide or twice as fine as your reed size or weave patterns written for four harness looms. Reeds for the Knitters Loom can be found below. Two adjustable braches that hold the Ashford Knitters loom at a decreased angle.

For 12" and 20" Knitters loom. Free up your kitchen table!

How to Weave (episode 1) : Anatomy and Common Terms

The Ashford rigid heddle loom stand will let you take your loom into any room! Complete with two handy shelves for setting down shuttles and comfortable foot rest. Convenient weaving angle. The Ashford rigid heddle loom can easily be removed from the stand for transport. Ashford rigid heddle loom and stand shown to left. Tapestry weaving is hot! The Ashford Rigid Heddle Table Stand holds your Ashford rigid heddle loom upright at a comfortable adjustable angle for tapestry or other hand manipulated style weaving.

Kit included adjustable stand with rubber feet and extra side posts to hold reed in place. Add the Ashford Tapestry beater and you are ready to create fun tapestries. Ashford rigid heddle loom with stand shown to left. The Ashford Freedom Roller is quick and simple to attach. This additional front beam gives you the freedom to weave with thick weft yarn, fabric or roving, or simply weave a longer fabric on our rigid heddle loom.

The shed will always be at an optimum, allowing your shuttles to pass through easily. The Ashford Freedom Roller is also great for weaving rag rugs, rya rugs.

The kit included clicker pawl, warp stick and warp stick ties. Please note that you cannot use the Ashford Freedom Roller in conjunction with the loom stand. These sec ond heddle blocks for the Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom will allow you to use two reeds of the same dent size at the same time.

Your will be able to weave either double wide or twice as fine as your reed size or weave some complex patterns written for four harness looms.

Warp from back to front with this Ashford Raddle Kit. Laquer finished beech wood. Need extra heddles? Bundles of 40 texsolv heddles for above Ashford table loom and Katie table loom. If you have a Ashford Rigid Heddle or Ashford Knitters Loom you will need second heddle blocks if you want to use two reeds at the same time.

Make sure you select two reeds to the same dent size for this purpose and a second heddle block set to match your loom. Enjoy complete creativity when warping your Ashford rigid heddle loom.

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Vari dent reeds are great for using your art yarn, thick and thin or anything in between. Each reed comes with several 2" and 4" sections in sizes from 2. Please see this pdf file for details.

Pick the right size for your 8' and 10" SampleIt loom, the Ashford Knitters Loom in 12", 20" and 28" width and the Rigid Heddle Loom in 16", 24" and 32". Choose from 2.Serial numbers are pressed into the wood and can be hard to see. A flashlight held to the side and shining across the numbers not directly on them will help. Wolf Pup and Wolf Pup LT: The serial number can be found on the top side of the cross piece underneath the harnesses, to the left.

Mighty Wolf: The serial number can be found underneath the Schacht logo on the cross piece under the harnesses at the front of the loom. Standard Floor Loom: The serial number can be found in the middle of the cross piece under the harnesses at the front of the loom. On older looms, the serial number may be on the castle side.

Up tothere are 36" and 42" weaving width floor looms. After there are 36" and 45" widths. Orders will be processed within 24 business hours of receipt, and an order confirmation with estimated ship date will be sent. Home Product Support. Product Support Flow Drop Down.

What kind of support do you need?

Table Loom Parts

Yes No. Manuals How to Install the Treadle Tracker. How to Install a Stroller on a Wolf Loom. How to Assemble a Baby Wolf Loom. End Feed Delivery Shuttle. Tension Box Manual. Raddle Manual. Loom Bench and Bench Bags Manual.

table loom parts

Double Back Beam Manual. Wolf Loom Height Extender Manual. Wolf Loom Sectional Beam Manual. Wolf Loom Stroller Manual.The compact Erica 30 cm wide loom comes standard with 2 shafts and handles to control them. Erica has more po Stand folds flat. Loom fits into stand- no screws needed. Strong frame with two shelves. Treadle kit now so Support brace kit for the 12" and 20" knitters loom and stands.

Please note that this item cannot be Weave intricate and beautiful patterns on this compact loom, perfect for workshops and travel. Levers are on Stand for Louet Loom fits into stand - no screws needed. The compact Erica 30 cm wide loom will comes with 4 shafts and handles to control them. It will therefore ha The compact Erica 50 cm wide loom comes with 4 shafts and handles to control them. It will therefore have mo Nothing can beat the Schacht table loom for durability.

It's strong boxy style will stand up to years of It's simple to pu Carrying Bag for Erica Loom, fits 30 cm and 50 cm models. The stand is adjustable in height from cm For sampling and travel the Voyageur loom is hard to beat. It is designed to be portable and efficient. Weave beautiful patterns on this compact loom. Levers are on the castle top for comfortable weaving and ar Stand for Double warp beam for 24" Voyageur. Stand and treadle kit fold flat.

Strong frame with two sh A convenient table for the Dorothy or Voyageur 24" looms. Does not include side shelves. Designed by a weaver for weavers, this 8 harness table loom offers exceptional features and performance to ma The Ashford 8 harness Katie table loom comes fully assembled and ready to weave. Compact, light weight at The X-frame floor stand makes the table loom the correct height to be used with a standard chair. Must verify if left or right lever section is The Diana 24" 16 shaft loom is designed to operate either as a table loom or, with the matching tr Portable and efficient.

With an eight shaft Vo Convert your 4-shaft Dorothy 24" table loom into a 6 treadle floor loom.Email: chris homesteadweaver. We are not responsible for the content of any of the ads on this page and transactions that result from these ads are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and not Homestead Weaving Studio LLC.

Please contact the person whose email address is given with the listing if you have any questions. Check out our looper loom potholder kits and refills, great for all ages! Join Our Mailing List. Free Mailing List by Bravenet. This page is a service of Homestead Weaving Studio to connect would-be weavers with people who have equipment to sell.

It takes many hours every week to maintain this page. If you appreciate this service, or feel that we have helped you sell your items, please consider making a supportive contribution. Donations accepted through Paypal chris homesteadweaver. Package includes 45" warp beam rakes, bobbin stand, tension box, extension for tension box, counter, warp paddle and yarn weight calculator.

These items can be sold together or purchased individually. Never been used by current owner. Buyer pays shipping. LeClerc 60" Nilart loom with storage bench. Willing to me within miles of Madison. Pictures available to serious inquiries.

The loom belonged to my late wife. I know little about weaving but the loom is in excellent condition and has many accessories. Please contact me and I'll send you photos. Ron Sell, ronlin hotmail. The loom belonged to my late wife Linda Knutson. I know little about weaving but it has a worm drive and a ski shuttle. It also comes with many accessories which I will include.

table loom parts

Flat metal heddles 25 cents each for the small Structo 4 and 8" metal looms Structo table loom 4 H with label, 4 H 20" wooden construction, smooth back beam, paperwork. Bernat table loom with stand with 4 treadles. Use either way, easily on and off stand.

Smooth back beam and a sectional back beam, use either way, original manual. Excellent Mountain Loom weaving width 18". Thus loom is heavy duty item with swinging beater, texsolv heddles, lease sticks, boat shuttle with bobbins, stick shuttles, sley hook, original catalogue, extra heddles.

Solid Maple. Purchaser must pick up loom in Madison Wisconsin and pay in cash or cashiers check. Please note there is an "s" between 'kristin' and 'clausen' in my email address!

Oxaback Ulla Cyrus Drawloom with Single unit draw device, 10 shafts, 10 treadles, easy ring and texsolv tie ups, one of the very best countermarch looms made. Vertical countermarch with bench with shelf, belly board, raddle, drawcords, pattern heddles, long eye heddles, regular heddles.

What Are the Parts of a Loom?

The drawloom system is very easy to use. Leclerc Kebec II counterbalance loom ". Has 3 sets of treadles.Jane is the best table loom on the market. Designed by a weaver for weavers, this table loom offers exceptional features and performance to make any weaving project a snap.

Simple, but innovative features, such as a handle to carry the loom and a locking mechanism to keep the beater out your way while you are throwing your shuttle, make the Jane a joy to use. Toggles operate smoothly and always stay in their engaged position. Jane folds with a warp on and can be locked as not to open up while in transport.

Jane is made of lacquered beech and has a built-in raddle. There is no cord wear, since cords run over rollers and the overhead beater stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle.

Assembly Instructions for Jane download pdf. Louet offers a finely engineered weaving loom for every weaver. From frame and travel table looms to innovative electronic dobby- floor looms, Louet brings you the quietest, highest-quality and finest looms on the market. The technological and ergonomic advances make weaving with a Louet loom a delightful experience that you can pursue for hours a day with ease.

Many customers have 30 year old Louet looms that are still in use on a daily basis. Invest in quality. Buy a Louet. Louet products are known worldwide for their excellence in quality, design and workmanship. Louet [BV], located in Holland, began designing and manufacturing Louet spinning and weaving equipment in Superior engineering and high-quality workmanship have been the cornerstone of Louet spinning and weaving equipment for the past 30 years and remains very important to this day. Superior engineering and experience has allowed Louet to design and manufacture numerous wheels, looms and carders that are functionally superior, practical, of excellent quality and offered at a affordable prices.

Many of our customers are happy to own more than one Louet product. We stand behind our products to the fullest extent. Contact us with questions. Available sizes each with 8 harnesses : Jane Find a Retailer.

Loom Replacement Parts

Jane About Louet Looms. Search for:.If your Leclerc loom is missing some of the basic components like Aprons, Lease sticks or Crank Handles, Camilla Valley Farm stocks a wide range of genuine Leclerc parts to get it back in working condition. If you are unsure of the piece s you are missing, just contact us and we will be glad to help you get what you need!

Also note that we have many, many more parts in stock than we show on this page and we can also get custom components made. Just ask if you don't see it here! Check out our Leclerc Loom Guide to determine which model of Leclerc loom you have so you order the correct part. Our online collection of Leclerc Loom Manuals provide assembly information and parts lists for most products!

These Aprons are attached to the warp back and cloth front beams of floor and some table looms. The warp threads are attached to these using a pair of metal Warp Rods and the aprons have been designed to be long enough to unwind around the loom breast beams to prevent the waste of warp by letting the weaver start and end weaving as close to the warp ends as possible.

table loom parts

Made of heavy canvas, these aprons are hemmed all around to prevent fraying and have a sleeve at one side designed to fit a warp rod. The second warp rod is normally lashed to the first using Nylon Cord. Enough tacks to fasten the apron to the warp beam are provided for installation. Normally 2 aprons are required, one for each beam, except when a Sectional Warp Beam is used.

In this case, only one apron is used on the cloth beam. Note that many smaller Leclerc looms may use Beam Sticks instead of aprons. Also note that the 32 inch apron is designed for the Initiation table loom and is to short for a conventional floor loom which has a longer distance between warp and breast beam.

Are you winding the warp on your loom with a wrench? If you lost the crank handle from your Leclerc Loom, we have the replacement handle from Leclerc. Made of steel with comfortable wooden handles that turn except for these Leclerc crank handles make winding your warp a breeze! A special version of Small Crank Handle B with a slightly longer shaft is used on the 24" wide Voyaguer and Diana looms.

Please indicate this in the order. Note: Many early models of the Artisat loom came with a large version of the handle shown as "A" in the picture above. Unlike the Medium Crank Handle shown as "C"this handle sticks out and cannot be easily removed when storing or transporting the loom. These older looms can be converted to use the new crank handle by installing a bolt which we can provide along with the Medium crank handle. Some early Dorothy and Meco table looms came with the small all-metal crank handle shown as "A".

These can be upgraded to the more comfortable crank handle shown as "B" in the diagram above. These coloured plastic handles fit over the steel levers on Leclerc table looms to make it easier for the weaver to press down the levers. They are colour coded red, yellow, blue and white to make it easy for the weaver to quickly select the correct shaft. Note that these handles can only be used with looms that originally had plastic tips.

Some of the earlier Leclerc Table looms used metal levers with shaped tips instead of the plastic handles. Unfortunately these are too wide to attach these plastic tips to. An example of these levers are shown here. These metal hooks are used to attach the wooden treadles of Leclerc floor looms to the treadle cords which are usually connected to the lams.Weaving looms can range from quite simple to very complex.

Looms have been used to produce cloth for thousands of years and while technology has improved the loom, the basic strategies and practices remain much the same. Understanding the parts of the loom can help you learn to weave or simply learn a bit more about how weaving works.

The warp beam is a beam that holds the warp, or vertical threads, on your loom. Depending upon the loom, this can be a simple beam or a more complex arrangement allowing for easier warping of the loom. Heddles are made of cord or wire and are attached to the shaft of the loom. The warp threads pass through the heddles, separating the warp threads to allow the weft threads to pass between them easily.

The more harnesses or shafts a loom has the more design possibilities you will have. Most larger looms are 4 harness looms and table looms often only one; however, looms up to 16 harnesses are available. The shuttle is a bobbin which holds the weft yarns.

The shuttle is passed or thrown back and forth to create the weft of the fabric. The beater of the loom presses the newly created weft thread against the already woven fabric using a reed. This process is called battening. With a master's degree in art history from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Michelle Powell-Smith has been writing professionally for more than a decade.

An avid knitter and mother of four, she has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects, including education, test preparation, parenting, crafts and fashion.

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