Wholesale edible packaging

Here at Dr. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves in this post and tell our tribe how we started. About 10 years ago we discovered one of the most sacred places on earth — Rosarito, Mexico. It is a place very dear to our hearts where many special memories exist.

On one special trip there, we had the pleasure of preparing dinner for a group of people that owned a marijuana dispensary in Southern California. Sure enough, they delivered on their promise and brought us two black garbage bags bursting open with cannabis. We began experimenting with new recipes and formulas until the wee hours of the morning.

6 Edible Food Packaging Products for the Future

On our journey, we became downright obsessed with making each recipe the best it could be. We found a local cannabis lab where we could test our edibles to check our work and further refined the art through hundreds of lab tests. A few years later, the dispensary owners closed up shop, moved out of state and the edible gig was over.

In that passionate moment, Dr.

wholesale edible packaging

Raw Organics was born and we are proud to celebrate stores carrying the brand in Most of all, we want people to be able to trust the potency of our creations. Furthermore, they should be able to accurately dose themselves with a proper dosing guide and product packaging. Organic marijuana edibles have been avoided by many people due to wild inconsistencies in lab testing and product quality.

We found that with a little love in the kitchen and regular lab testing, we could squash the stereotype and make truly delicious and consistent organic marijuana edibles. It really disappointed us that people were often afraid to consume marijuana edibles. Mostly, people are afraid of marijuana edibles because of their wild inconsistencies in potency.

Everyone has a story about that time they ate an edible and they went to outer space for 48 hours and had to call in sick to work. We thought if we can eliminate that stereotype people will begin to love marijuana edibles again. First, people wanted a low dose, bite-size marijuana edible so we created our 10mg dose THC Candy Hearts. Lately, people have asked for high potency marijuana edible stronger than all the rest, so we created the mg Red Velvet Brownie.

Then a tincture and even a topical balm. If we had a request for it, we tried to fulfill that request to learn and collect as much feedback from our cannabis pioneers as possible.

We have a blog dedicated to the effect of the ratio where we go further in depth. Based on these experiences, we feel strongly that our industry should explore more marijuana edibles with equal or greater ratios of CBD to THC. Higher levels of CBD in edibles is also beneficial because it reduces the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects of THC.

Many people ask us if we have any CBD only edibles. We did make them in small batches and spread them around to collect feedback. Also, the chocolate in our recipes is fair-trade! We use a high quality, lab-tested Co2 extracted marijuana oil because it is known as one of the cleanest, safest forms of creating marijuana extracts for marijuana edibles.

Products are lab tested three times during production: when we receive the oil it comes with a test guaranteeing the potency, we then re-verify the lab test in our own lab to confirm those results, and then one more lab test to verify the final product is accurate. As a result, we find our potency tests to be highly accurate every time so you can dose with confidence.

At Dr. Raw, we are committed to keeping our ingredients as pure as possible by using all organic, non-gmo ingredients. We also promise to keep our processes transparent so you know exactly how our products are made. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our organic marijuana edibles, feel free to give us a shout at info drraworganics.High quality spice and herb packaging for displaying, storing, and shipping your products. Keeps your products fresher, longer in resealable stand up pouch packaging bags.

Spice and herbs delight our palate, add vibrant color to our plates, and add delectable flavor to our meals. To keep your fragrant spices and herbs fresh, it is imperative that the spice and herb packaging you choose be air-tight; keeping unwanted moisture and odors out. Our reusable stand up bags are an excellent choice to use for a refill program of your spices and herbs.

We offer bulk quantity discounts on all of our spice packaging bags. Available in a mixture of materials, styles, and the most popular sizes.

Available Sizes: 1 oz stand up bags2 oz stand up bags4 oz stand up bags8 oz stand up bags. The reusable feature results in a huge reduction of waste compared to traditional single-use packaging.

Air tight bags are essential to maintaining the freshness of your spice and herb products. We experience the flavors of the world through spices from across the globe. Keeping your products fresh and extending the shelf life is vital to your business. Keep your herbs fresh and free from moisture and odors in our airtight, spice and herb packaging. Our sealable paper bags with window are an ideal choice to display your herbs.

Well blended seasonings can make a culinary dream into a reality. Standup pouches are primarily used for food items, however, because of their durability and standing capabilitlity, they have become extremely popular for non-food items as well. To learn about how stand up pouches are made, click here.

The volume of your product plays a major role in choosing the right sized stand-up bag. For example, fine salt takes up less volume than whole coffee beans. The bulkier the product, the more space required. We suggest always going one size larger to accommodate your product.

So this brings us to three measurements that might be helpful in finding the right size pouch for your product. Those three measurements are the fillable area, the area above the zipper. The fillable area refers to the measurement of the bag below the zipper line to the bottom of the bag. It is also the area that can be heat sealed to preserve your product and to ensure a tamper-evident seal above the tear notches.Our customer favorite, CBD syrup has been known to facilitate sleep and alleviate pain.

CBD tea, a staff instant-favorite, gives users the ability to consume their CBD in tasty and soothing waywhat a way to start your morning! Lab Results Available. Each fruity flavored gummy comes with 5 milligrams of high-quality CBD Each savory flavored gummy comes with 5 milligrams of high-quality CBD This item requires an extra 3 business days to process The CBDfx Chill Shot is a delicious, ready to drink lemonade beverage with 20mg of full spec Your kids have their syrup, and you have yours.

Bye to boring bland teas and Chai to CBD-infused tea. Warm up to a warm cup of CBD-infused tea. The perfect tea to transport you to your happy place with tropical twist.

There is no better way to start your morning than with a warm cup of CBD-infused tea. Not your average, boring water, but water that packs with little oomph. California E. Colorado East Smith Rd.

View cart. What is CBD Extract? What are Pop Top Containers? What is a Pre Roll? What are Smoking Cones? What is a Vibrating Cone Filling Machine? Refine view all.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Search: Search. Sign In. My Cart. Check our latest super promotions! Cupcake Boxes At Plastic Container City, we have the cupcake boxes you want for your perfect baked creations.

Choose single cupcake boxes for yourself and your friends or cupcake boxes wholesale for your bakery. Our commitment to your satisfaction sets us apart from the rest and ensures you get perfectly made, attractive cupcake boxes every time. Our high quality cupcake boxes selections include Kraft window cupcake boxes and white window cupcake boxes. Our premier silver clear favor box kits give you the perfect showcase for individual cupcakes and mini cakes.

Colorful strawberry pink and chocolate brown cupcake boxes round out our color selection.

wholesale edible packaging

Also available are inserts for placing cupcakes or mini cupcakes inside the boxes. Cupcake boxes can be used without inserts for cookies and other baked goods. Desserts stay moist and delectable for the ride home without breaking or crumbling in transit. We require each cupcake box to meet our exacting standards for quality and appearance.

Read more Cupcake Boxes At Plastic Container City, we have the cupcake boxes you want for your perfect baked creations. These cupcake containers are attractive enough for your most glamorous event, yet strong enough to maintain their shape during transportation.

wholesale edible packaging

Windows are clear, allowing customers to see contents immediately for easy selection. Boxes are user-friendly, some with sturdy handles for carrying convenience. Whether you are an individual with a taste for the elegant in life or you are a cupcake shop, caterer or bakery, our cupcake boxes will make your day.

Skipping Rocks Lab: edible, biodegradable food packaging

Your birthday or anniversary party cupcakes will look gorgeous from the moment you put them into the cupcake boxes until dessert time. Caterers can place cupcakes inside these cupcake boxes for easy handling and transportation to events like weddings and conferences. Cupcake shops can order in bulk to use for packaging cupcakes at the time of sale. Bakeries can order cupcake boxes wholesale for presenting cupcakes, cakes and cookies on bakery store shelves.

We offer cupcake boxes in a variety of sizes for different numbers and sizes of cupcakes. Inserts designed for each box fit neatly inside, keeping cupcakes safe until they are ready for use. Choose cupcake inserts for mini cupcakes, standard cupcakes and jumbo cupcakes. Cupcake boxes are available for 2, 4, 6 or 12 standard cupcakes or 2 dozen mini cupcakes.

Order them by the piece or pack for individual orders or the case for cupcake boxes wholesale. Ordering online is fast, easy and secure.As state regulations change across the country and more and more inexperienced cannabis consumers enter medical and retail shops for the first time to make buying decisions, the intrigue and popularity surrounding cannabis edibles remains high. Furthermore, our various styles of edible packaging are suitable for the retail, producing, and processing environments of the cannabis industry — whatever the role your business plays in the supply chain, we have a packaging solution for you.

Our line includes wide mouth containers in 50mlml8ozand 16oz sizes. These edible containers have child resistant cap optionsas well. Our 90 Dram Pop Tops also serve as a great child resistant option here. In addition to sleek, convenient, compliant packaging solutions, our customer base of industry professionals continue to shop our collection for the factory direct pricing and low order minimums.

wholesale edible packaging

Further, items typically ship the same day. If you are a cannabis business interested in ordering in higher volumes at even lower prices, consider becoming a Wholesale Member. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Updated: March 20th, Collective Supply is closely monitoring coronavirus COVID developments, and is taking proactive steps to protect our staff, our customers, and the community.

All orders will ship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This simply means that over the next couple weeks orders on Tuesday and Thursday will ship the following day. Please message us or call us with any questions. You May Also like. CR Glass Jars. Vape Cartridges. Pre-Rolled Cones. Pre-Roll Tubes. Pinch N' Twist Bags. Premium Glass Jars. Search for:. No products in the cart. X Close.Green Rush Packaging is a nationwide leader in marijuana packaging for cannabis flower, edibles and concentrates.

Our wide range of cannabis containers, barrier bags, child-resistant pop-top containers, and custom mmj packaging solutions are designed with your marijuana product in mind.

Green Rush Packaging offers hundreds of different sizes, styles, and colors so your cannabis packaging can truly be a reflection of your brand outshining the competition in any dispensary. All of our marijuana packaging solutions can be custom branded to promote your product line through our design services department. We offer full custom printing, semi-custom printing, and flexo printing options to create eye-catching cannabis containers, barrier bags, and pop top bottles that will set you apart from the competition.

Artwork specifications and file formats for our custom packaging solutions can be found on the custom packaging menu. Green Rush Packaging is your premier source for the absolute best in cannabis flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible barrier bag packaging at an industry best price. Free Samples of our marijuana packaging solutions can be requested by completing our Free Samples form.

Call Us! Green Rush Packaging has it covered. This product stores flower, edibles and concentrates. Green Rush Packaging is your premier source for the absolute best in flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible barrier bag packaging at an industry best price.

These opaque child resistant bags are also the perfect base for custom logo branding. Get a customization quote! Mylar Barrier Bags Interested in cannabis flower, concentrate or edible barrier bags?

Green Rush Packaging has you covered. Our high-quality barrier bags are made from the best mylar on the market at 5 mil thickness and available in a variety of sizes. Store up to a 1 pound of marijuana flower or edibles, in these stylish heat sealed mylar bags. Designed for ease of use, these barrier bags feature an easy to use resealable closure.

Edible Containers

These barrier bags are the perfect base to brand your flower, edibles or concentrates and the resealable closure protects the potency of the product, seals in freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage.

All of our packaging products are fully customize-able to suit your branding needs. This product stores marijuana flower, edibles and concentrates. These opaque bags are also the perfect base for custom logo branding. Cannabis Concentrate Barrier Bags Our high-quality barrier bags are made from the best mylar on the market at 5 mil thickness and available in a variety of sizes. Store up to a 1 quarter of concentrates, in these stylish heat sealed mylar bags.Edgylabs shares seven edible and biodegradable food packaging products that may help use reduce negative impacts of the food industry on our environment.

Food packaging is set for a major revolution. In order to keep food on grocery store shelves and reduce the negative environmental effects that single-use packaging potentially causes, we must find ways to make biodegradable food packaging more cost-effective. The cup, made from agar or seaweed extract, comes with different flavors like yogurt, cherry, and grapefruit. Forty billion plastic utensils are thrown into U.

Made from rice, wheat, and sorghum, these spoons are vegan-friendly and biodegradable. Sorghum was selected for its hardy and resilient qualities. For one, it can grow in depleted soils and arid environments. However, concerns over potential allergies and expansion of the dairy industry make this a contentious product. You can burst the baggy open and consume guilt-free. InDavid Edwards launched WikiCellsan edible packaging for foods and liquids.

WikiCells mimic an eggshell and are made of charged polymers and food particles that can be filled with many things like orange juice, wine, or chocolate. Packaging is a multibillion-dollar food industry that is set for some major disruption over the next few years. Let Edgy Universe know how much you appreciate this article by clicking the heart icon and by sharing this article on social media.

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